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If you can't get all you need from us here at Edunators check out these awesome resources that have been helpful to us in our development as teachers and in the creation of this website.

A great resource for all things educational technology, TeacherCast is also home to some great education related podcasts and blogs as well. You can also follow their founder Jeff Bradburry on Twitter at

In his effort to “catalogue the internet for students, educators and parents” Jerry Blumengarten has created a website for pretty much anyone. If you’re looking for pretty much anything, chances are Jerry’s got a page for it. His Tweets alone make him a valuable member of your Personal Learning Network. Follow him at

Home of the educational model that saved my career, Layered Curriculum, Dr. Kathie Nunley’s website is loaded with informational articles, newsletters and other resources for teachers and parents regarding education and brain development. The sample unit sheets alone make it a gold mine for great classroom ideas and her books are invaluable for anybody looking to improve their Differentiated Instruction. Her Teaching Tips page is worth a bookmark as well, with great ideas submitted by teachers from all over the world at every grade level and subject matter.

Dr. Bobb Darnell is a energetic, entertaining presenter that brings a wealth of knowledge wherever he goes. Any school district would be lucky to have him and any teacher is sure to walk away with something they can use in their classrooms the next day. His website is full of tremendous links and useful information for both parents and teachers, well worth whatever time it would take to check it out. 

All Things PLC

Powered by Solution Tree, All Things PLC is a great resource for those looking to develop and sustain a Professional Learning Community. Their weekly Twitter chat every Thursday at 9 pm. EST is a one of our favorites as well. Follow it using #atplc.

I really enjoy the blogging of Joe Bower and his work regarding Abolishing Grading is admirable and thought-provoking. He’s another Twitter Rockstar as well, at

A great resource for team building games that can help you build relationships with students or help your faculty build a more collaborative culture. Worth a stop if you feel like your classroom has been in a bit of a rut lately and you need to relax for a day and learn to enjoy your students again. &

Both of these blogs are a fantastic resources for classroom ideas and intriguing content for teachers. We highly recommend you check them both out and follow them both on Twitter as well. 




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