What Is An Edunator?

Edunator, [ej-oo


1. One who educates with extreme passion, takes education personally, and refuses to let any obstacle stand in the way of their students success.  An Edunator is one for whom “Not learning is not an option.”

 This guy is ready to stop listing excuses and start overcoming obstacles of classroom learning. Either that, or he had some really bad Chinese food.Thanks to a fictional futuristic robot and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s awesomely bad accent, adding “anator” or “inator” to the end of virtually any word conjurs images of destruction, murder and mayhem or at the very least makes ordinary nouns into words. If I say “desk” it means one thing. If I say “Deskinator” we’re either talking about something that destroys desks at an alarming rate or something that creates them equally as impressively. It’s a fun little quirk of eytemology, give it a go sometime. “Puppynator,” “Taxinator,” or “Pestinator,” you get the idea. (If for some sick reason you want to continue reading about this, click HERE).

Yes, we acknowledge that the appropriate suffix associated with “education” is simply “tor” thus creating the word “Educator,” or one who educates. That sounds nice, but that’s just the problem. It sounds too nice.


This isn’t about nice. It can’t be any longer. Too many teachers have grown accustomed to accepting excuses for student failure.

“Kids today are different…”

“Parents aren’t as supportive as they used to be…”

“Students aren’t prepared for class…”

“It can’t be all me, the student has to meet me in the middle…”

Enough.  Teachers don’t need their colleagues to bend their ear about why this job is hard. And we don’t need to hear about how bad schools are, we have the Federal Government to tell us that. What we need to do is acknowledge that we, as teachers, have within us the capabilities to overcome any obstacle to classroom learning. Teachers are not on the front lines alone, unequipped and fighting a meaningless losing battle. It’s the battle for a child’s future and we are fighting it together. Armed with Formative Assessment, Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, Brain Based Learning….these are NOT merely buzzwords! They are the weapons of mass education….and you are the Edunator!